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Where Can I Donate My Unwanted Stuff?


If you’re like most people, the amount of stuff that you have just seems to sneak up on you, year after year. One of the upsides of moving is that it forces you to downsize and get rid of stuff; but some people may be wondering what exactly do you do with the piles that you accumulate. Here are a few ideas for getting rid of the most common categories of items.


Clothing, Bedding, Furniture and Kitchen Supplies


Thrift stores are a perennial choice and still one of the best places to deposit unwanted items. Some people like consignment shops, especially for purchasing vintage clothing and higher quality furniture, but also because consignment shops offer a discount or a portion of the selling price back when the item is sold. An option many people don’t think about is shelters, which would gladly take gently used items.


Books, Magazines and Office Supplies


Used bookstores will almost always gladly accept a book, so long as the book is in good condition and free of mold and other poor conditions. Office supplies are best given to your local school or daycare center, especially for items like crayons, safety scissors and glue. Magazines can be donated to a nursing home or local salon.


Computers and Electronics


Before you donate a computer, either remove the hard drive or erase the information on it! Again, local schools will appreciate donations of computers. Shelters also like having donations of electronics, as they are given to families to help them get back on their feet. Some non-profit agencies also accept broken electronics, which are then fixed and shipped to where they are needed.


Just be sure before you donate that the items you want to get rid of are clean, free of rips, stains, and holes. Anything in good condition and free of parasites; no one wants to wear your “Smith Family Reunion 1990” t-shirt or bring bedbugs or termites from your wooden china hutch into their homes! By simply calling the A To Z Express Movers in Manchester, New Hampshire, downsizing some of your things can make the chore of moving just a little bit easier for everyone. 

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