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What is The Best Way To Pack My Clothes For A Move? Part 2


Moving can be an exciting chance for refreshing, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities, to-do lists and packing. Packing clothing may not be anyone’s idea of fun, but if you followed the steps in part one, you should have less to pack and keep. If you’re looking for some help with moving, let A-Z Express Movers take the stress away for you! With movers in Lowell, MA, and areas in NH, we are your go-to business when it comes to moving. Here are a few tips when it comes to packing up clothing items.

Think Vacation

Mostly everyone has pieces of luggage that have been sitting in the bottom of their closets, waiting to go on one more vacation. Instead of buying another box to stuff clothing in, you can use the empty space inside your rolling suitcases to pack clothing! But be sure to set aside one or two suitcases filled with clothing that you will need in the first week or so after your move, as you are unlikely to get your stuff unpacked in a day.

Lift And Carry

As you pack, start with the heaviest and bulkiest items on the bottom and be sure to lift the boxes every so often as you pack them. Nothing stinks more than lifting a box and injuring yourself.

Oodles Of Shoes

If you still have shoeboxes, this will speed up your organizing process much faster as you can simply stuff your shoes into the box and then stack the boxes inside a larger box. If you do not have shoeboxes, you can stuff the insides of the shoes with socks or newspaper to keep them from getting crushed. Pack the shoes separately from your clothing to keep clothing from getting dirty.

It is important to keep your clothing safe and dry when moving homes. By packing your clothing properly, you will add one less thing to your list of stresses that you do not need when moving. Give A-Z Express Movers a call today and let us help make your moving process a smooth one.

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