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What Else Can I Use to Pack up My Home?


suitcasesWhen it comes to your long distance or local move, most Lowell & Dracut residents turn to cardboard boxes for packing. While they’re usually the most popular choice, there are other options for packing up your belongings. A-Z Express Movers, Inc. has been put together a list of environmentally friendly alternatives than cardboard boxes for your big moving day!

  • When it comes to packing your clothes, suitcases might not necessarily be a new idea, but you can also use them to pack up other items you own. Things like papers, small appliances or serving ware are great examples of what you can pack away in your suitcase. You’ll be able to wheel these items in and out of your new home without having to do any heavy lifting!
  • If you have any oversized totes, use these for kitchen utensils, picture frames, knick-knacks and any other miscellaneous items. Be sure to wrap these items in bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent damage.
  • If you have a home office that needs to be packed up, use any briefcases you have for laptops, important documents, etc. When you’re unpacking, it will be easy to identify which room it goes in since it’ll be in a briefcase!
  • If you own any ottomans or bed frames with drawers, store your bedding materials in here. You don’t want to make these items too heavy, which is why sheets, pillows and blankets are great things to store here.

Go green and pack up your belongings with the items mentioned above! If you need more packing tips or are interested in learning more about our local moving services, contact our experienced moving company! A-Z Express Movers, Inc. can be reached by calling 978-453-9040 or by filling out our online form.

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