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Tips for Moving During the Winter


Most moves take place in the Spring and Fall, but the Winter can be an ideal time to move. Moving companies usually have more open schedules and apartments are offered at a cheaper rate. With winter comes unpredictable weather and some risks. Here are some things to take into consideration as you move in the winter.

  • Because sunlight is limited in the winter, you want to make sure your utilities are turned on in your new home. You’ll need to have your electricity and heat turned on before you make the move.
  • To avoid slipping and falling on ice, make sure the sidewalks of your new and old homes are cleared of snow and you have plenty of salt handy.
  • Hold off on packing your winter clothes and supplies. Because New England weather can be so unpredictable, you want to make sure your have extra clothes and supplies handy.
  • With winter, comes messy floors from sand, salt and snow. Use broken down boxes to protect your floor from the mess.

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