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What Not To Take On Moving Day

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When moving to a new house, you want to pack everything you can. However, did you know that there are certain items that, by law, movers cannot put on the truck to bring to your new home?

Prevent Accidents

When moving, be sure to drain all oil and fuel from lawn and snow blower equipment. Nobody wants to move to a new home to discover that the mower snapped a hose and oil is everywhere! Similarly, propane tanks should be removed from barbeque equipment and discarded. Other items, like batteries, must be removed and disposed of. Batteries are part of the prohibited items listed below.

Prohibited Items

These items are, in fact, illegal for movers to carry onto their trucks because they are hazardous, corrosive, explosive or all of them combined. This list includes, but is not limited to:

 ·      Acid

·      Batteries

·      Car oil

·      Charcoal

·      Gasoline

·      Matches

·      Fertilizer

·      Cleaning fluids

·      Ammunition

·      Fireworks

·      Propane tanks

·      Loaded weapons


If you’re moving cross-country, it’s best to eat or throw away any food in your fridge or freezer before it goes bad. Seal the fridge well with a good amount of duct tape, as it will both prevent children from getting in and the doors swinging out to damage property. Be sure the fridge is empty, turned off and the doors are kept open for at least 24 hours to give it time to dry out and to prevent mold and odor.

How Do I Get Rid Of These Items?

The best way is to contact your local recycling center for help. There are some places that you can drop your propane tanks and fuel off. For food, drop any unused containers off at your local soup kitchen or food bank, or give the food to your neighbors or relatives.

By following these tips, you can prevent any accidents or harm to people and property caused by a leaking container or an accidental spill, making for a much smoother, stress-free move.

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