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Storage Tips for Smaller Homes & Apartments


If you are moving into an apartment or home that might be smaller than you’re used to, you might be wondering where all your stuff will go. Today, we discuss storage tips for smaller spaces.

  1. One of the most important tips is to throw away or donate stuff. If you no longer have use for some of your belongings, de-clutter by donating or throwing away items.
  2. Use all available space, including any wall space you may have. To organize your belongings, hang shelves on your walls. To organize paperwork or bills, use a hanging file folder. An inexpensive way to keep countertops neat is to use a bulletin board for photos & miscellaneous papers.
  3. To de-clutter your small space, invest in storage containers. If you are moving into a spot with a small closet, store winter clothes in containers during the warmer months & vice versa. If you purchase the right storage container, it can fit under your bed to de-clutter even more!
  4. If you do your research, you can find furniture that can double as storage units. There are bed with drawers underneath, hollow ottomans & more!

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