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Saving Time While Moving


As you prepare for a move, you can expect a good portion of that time to go into preparing and organizing. Planning a move can take up to months, making it a challenge. Understanding how to prioritize your time during a move is crucial.

Here are some tips for a quicker move:

  • Make a list of exactly what will be coming with you on the move. It’s also important to create deadlines for changing documents, utilities, etc.
  • Label boxes with the items in them and which part of the house they’ll be going in. As you start to unpack, each box will be in the correct room with the correct items.
  • Because moving can be hectic, you may forget about upcoming appointments. Set reminders in your phone so you don’t forget!
  • Schedule tasks for each day as you start to unpack. Assigning tasks for a certain day or time will help you get settled.

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