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Packing, Moving and Storing a Painting


fragile boxFor art lovers with an upcoming move and are unsure of how their pieces should be packed, shipped and stored, A-Z Express Movers, Inc. has a few suggestions for you!

Packing a Painting

Before you move the piece of art, you’ll want to ensure that it is packed properly. To protect the finish and to keep it clean, wrap the painting in plastic. Use Styrofoam to seal the painting and its frame. You can even build a Styrofoam box to keep it extra safe during the move. Once you have Styrofoamed your painting, place it into a tightfitting carboard box. If there is any empty space in the box, fill with bubble pack to avoid any damage to the painting.

Transporting a Painting

Now that your painting has been safely packed, it’s time to get moving! Here are a few tips if you will be moving the painting yourself:

  • Anticipate a lot of braking on the drive. Ensure that your painting won’t be bouncing around if you have to suddenly brake.
  • Make sure that the painting is on an edge when transporting. If you lay it flat, you run the risk of someone or something falling or sitting on it, resulting in damage.
  • If you have no other option but to lay the painting flat, put it up against something solid in the event you have to brake quickly. You can also add a blanket or pillow for additional protection.

Storing a Painting

Congrats! Your painting is now packed and transported to your new home. Now what?

  • Keep your artwork stored somewhere where the temperature is consistent and the humidity isn’t too bad. Avoid your attic or basement at all costs.
  • Because frames and canvases can absorb wetness from the concrete and other surfaces, lay your painting on a rack to keep it off the ground.
  • Keep paintings covered or in their packaging to prevent direct sunlight from fading canvas colors.

When it comes to safely packing, transporting and storing a painting, your best bet is to hire a professional moving company to assist you! A-Z Express Movers, Inc. has years of experience with specialty moving services, especially with the transporting of pieces of art. Moving can be stressful as it is so don’t worry about additional stress with moving expensive paintings. For more information or to receive a quote, contact A-Z Express Movers, Inc. by calling us at 603-893-5060 or by filling out our online contact form.

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