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Organize Your Children’s Things Before You Move


messy roomAs anyone with children knows, doing certain activities with them can be a bit of a challenge! What can be even more challenging is packing up their belongings for an upcoming move and the purging that comes with packing. A-Z Express Movers have put together a few suggestions to make this transition easier on you and your children.

  • For the most part, kids love feeling like they are being treated like an adult. Ask them for their help and that their job is to help you put their toys into different piles. Create three boxes: donate, keep and toss and have your kids start putting toys into the boxes. Only keep the toys that your kids use and like the most. Anything else can either be donated or thrown out.
  • For the toys that you’ll be holding onto, create subcategories for them. All of the crafts should stay together, characters in another pile and so on and so forth. You most likely will end up with a pile of random toys and that’s ok! Put each category in its own box or container to keep them organized.
  • For the leftover toys that haven’t been categorized, try to donate or throw these out. If you’re not ready to get rid of them just yet, put them in a separate bag and keep stored away from the keepers. Come back to these toys once you’re all moved and unpacked and see if you’d like to hold on to them after all.
  • Your child might be a little upset that he/she has to part with toys to be donated. Say something along the lines of, “We’re going to be donating these toys to children who might not be able to buy toys. Do you want to help by putting the toys you don’t use in this box?”
  • If your child is in elementary school, have them practice writing by creating the labels for their boxes. The more specific you can be with dividing and labeling, the easier it will be when you are unpacking.

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