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Moving Day Tips


Moving day has arrived at last! It may be stressful, but by keeping the following small checklist in mind, you can make moving as easy as possible!


  • Get a good night’s sleep. The anticipation of moving day may fill you with a mixture of emotions, but if you let your emotions keep you awake you will find yourself too tired to keep up with the demands of moving your stuff around.
  • Keep pets and children out of the way. Young children may want to spend the night at their friend’s homes, and pets will only get underfoot. If you can, hire a babysitter or enlist a friend or relative to keep children and pets out of the house. If you cannot keep the pets out of your house then lock them into an empty room until you can properly move and store away valuable items.
  • “Sweep” the house. Be certain that you are not leaving anything behind. Keep a few last minute boxes open so you can put any last minute left behind items into them.
  • Document everything. This not only foils thievery, but also gives you something to compare to if an item was damaged or lost upon arrival. It helps you to also keep record of every item you are taking along with you.
  • Give clear directions. Especially for cross-country moves, this is especially important to prevent your items from being lost.
  • Stay at your new house to supervise the unpacking process. That is, if you ordered it. Some movers do not offer this service unless you ask. Either way, direct the movers where to place your furniture and items. If you are unable to be there, then appoint a representative and make sure that the moving company knows whom he or she is.
  • Keep your phone charged and in easy reach. The movers may need to contact you. If possible, give the movers a sheet that includes information such as your cell phone, your representative’s cell phone, keys, alarm codes and other important information.


Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful. A well-organized checklist will keep you on track, on time and happier as you move into your new home. Give us a call today for more tips and see what we can do for you!

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