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How to Successfully Move with Pets


DogMoving can be a stressful process for people and can be especially overwhelming for pets. Animals stress very easily, especially when there is unexpected activity in their home, traveling, and introduction new places. Although not an easy task moving your beloved family pets, it’s a task many people have experienced but being prepared can make the experience easier.

1. Prepared an overnight kit. Include food, toys, grooming tools, treats, kitty litter, and any other items your pet might need for the first few days at your new home to keep them happy and comfortable as you begin to unpack.

2. Speak with your vet. Before moving, contact your vet to inform them of the move and to set up a visit to make sure your pet is in good health. If you need to switch vets due to the move, make sure to get any records and prescription medication.

3. Seclude your pet from the action. During your move, it’s ideal to keep your pets away from all of the action of packing and movers in and out of your home. If you can, have a friend or family member watch after your pet or bring them to the kennel for the day to completely remove them from any stressful situation. If this isn’t possible, keep them in a bedroom or other room in the house with the door closed or in their kennel in the basement or garage.

4. Transport your pet in your vehicle. Bring your pet to your new home in a car they are familiar with. If they get anxious in the car, place them in their kennel or carrier in the backseat or truck and place a blanket over the carrier to prevent them from seeing the environment around them changing.

5. Update your pets information. Be prepared to update the information on your pets tags and microchip with your new address and phone number.

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