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How To Pack Furniture For Moving


So, you are finally moving and it’s time to pack up your furniture. Whether it’s across the street or across the country, you can make your move flow much easier by packing your furniture efficiently. But if you’ve never packed furniture before, how do you know the best way to pack it properly and safely? Here is a short list of tips and tricks.

Load From Front To Back

Your largest and heaviest pieces should be at the front of the truck, closest to the driver’s seat. This includes the washer, dryer and refrigerator. Large, bulky furniture, like bookcases and pianos, should be tied to the inside walls of the moving truck and NOT placed in the middle. Above all, be sure to either buy moving blankets or collect enough old sheets to wrap your furniture in to prevent scratches!

Balance Is Key

Balance your load by loading equal weight items on either side of the truck. This will prevent tipping if the truck takes a sharp turn. And for especially large and bulky items, use a dolly or a hand truck. This will not only make moving easier but will keep you from blowing out your back!

Disassemble Some Components

Hiring a professional moving company like A To Z Express Movers will make your move much faster by taking apart some of the furniture before you move. Legs can be screwed off the dining room table, bundled together and the screws taped to the bottom of the table. Glass bookcases should be wrapped securely and stowed somewhere safe. Mirrors, paintings and other long flat items should be placed along the sides of the truck to save space and prevent breaking.

Successfully packing a moving truck can make your moving experience a much more smooth and pleasant experience. For your moving needs, contact A To Z Express Movers! Our years of professional experience will make your move even easier and faster so you can enjoy the comfort of your new home.

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