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Packing Tips to Increase Moving Efficiency

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Packing is more of a science than most people realize, this is especially true when talking about moving an entire house or company’s worth of furniture and other objects. Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, packing and organizing your possessions to increase the efficiency of the move is very important. Even the smallest change in the way an item is placed or changing what items go in first in the box, can be the difference between an easy move and a hard move. Here are some packing tips to increase the efficiency of your move:

  • Pack all electronic devices in boxes. If the electronic device still has its original packing, which makes it even easier. Large electronic devices like refrigerators and televisions.
  • Make all different types of boxes uniform to what is in them. For example; electronics in small boxes, glass wear in medium boxes and clothing in big boxes.
  • Fill every box to the top, so that you can make as few trips as possible going back and forth from the truck.
  • Make sure every item is well protected so that there is no damage to the item or to other items around it.
  • Double check that all cabinets and furniture with drawers are completely emptied.
  • Pack the boxes and furniture so that they are snug and will not move easily, while the truck is turning or breaking.

These are just a few tips that will help increase the efficiency of your move. If you have any questions about how to pack effectively or have any inquiries about using our moving services; please contact us at 603-893-5060.

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Watch out for Moving Scams

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moving scamMoving is one of the most stressful tasks to complete because it involves packing up all of your belongings both sentimental and integral to your everyday life, putting them on a vehicle (usually operated by someone else whom you have never met) and hauling them great distances. Even with that fact, people still do not put a lot of time and effort into deciding which moving company they are going to hire. A lot of people believe that all moving companies are the same, so they just pick one at random. That is a horrible method for choosing which moving company you are going to hire and trust with your personal belongings.

Here is a horrible story about a woman and her daughter who got caught up in a moving scam. Right from the start she did not take the proper steps when hiring a mover, or any company that handles your personal possessions. Her first problem was not doing her proper research before hiring the company. She did not do a background check to see what reviews and testimonials have been given until it was too late. She never met the movers in person to check out their etiquette and professionalism. She never had them come and do an in-home quote or even just have them come in and see what type of objects they will be moving. Finally, she never got anything in writing that could protect her from losses.If she and her daughter had followed some of these simple steps, they could have had their possessions delivered on time and in great condition.

At A to Z Movers Express, we handle each move with a personal touch. your possessions are extremely important to you and handle them as if they were our possessions by taking the proper safety and packing methods to keep them in their original condition. Please contact us with any moving questions or if you have any interest in our moving or packing services at 603-893-5060.

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