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Benefits and Tips for a Fall Move


houseWhile summer is the most common time to move, for those with flexible move in dates, there are various advantages to moving during the fall. To ensure you have a stress and problem free fall move, A-Z Express Movers, Inc. have a few tips to follow!

What Are The Benefits of Moving in The Fall?

  • The summer months are prime moving time so moving companies are in high demand and their prices will represent that. Fall is one of the most cost-effective times to move because companies will begin to slow down and you’ll be presented with more sensible rates. Since fall schedules aren’t as full as summer, you’ll have more open dates and times to choose when you’d like to move.
  • While summer days are typically sunnier, fall days will provide you with cooler temperatures and will offer a more pleasant condition for moving. One trip between your house and the truck in the summer and you’ll be left dripping in sweat. But in the fall, you won’t be as hot or exhausted in between trips to the truck. You’ll probably find yourself with a cool breeze in the event that you do work up a sweat!

Tips for a Fall Move

  • There’s nothing like fall foliage in New England, but leaves on the ground are a safety hazard, especially when it comes to moving big furniture and boxes. Clear out or rake any leaves off your walkway to ensure your movers won’t have any issues as they unload the truck. The last thing you need is an accident to your possessions or to a moving company employee!
  • With fall comes the new school year! To ensure your children have a smooth transition, answer any questions they may have ahead of time. If they are going to miss any days of school, contact their teachers to see if you’re able to grab any assignments they can work on when they’re out.
  • New England weather can be extremely unpredictable so you may need to postpone your moving day. Rain can damage your furniture and possessions and increase your chances of falling and injuring yourself.

The best way to ensure you have a stress free fall move is to hire a professional moving company! Whether you’re just going from Salem to Manchester, NH or to another state like MA, A-Z Express Movers, Inc. is here to help! To learn more about our local moving services, contact us today at 603-893-5060 or by filling out our online contact form.

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